Aveley Secondary College

Aveley Secondary College

Aveley Secondary College is deeply committed to upholding a steadfast ethic of excellence in education. Their unwavering dedication revolves around nurturing students into well-rounded individuals equipped with the essential 21st-century skills of teamwork, collaboration, and critical thinking. To achieve this, they have meticulously designed an enriching curriculum that employs an agreed-upon approach to learning, emphasizing explicit direct instruction. Their focus areas encompass Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), aiming to prepare their students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Established in the year 2018, their institution embarked on this educational journey with an inaugural enrollment of 260 students. Notably, they have taken significant strides to ensure inclusivity by establishing a dedicated Education Support Hub, equipped with specialized facilities and staff to cater to students with diverse learning needs.

Art and creativity are integral components of their educational landscape. They have commissioned a series of captivating artworks that adorn their campus, envisioned and crafted by renowned artists Arif Satar and Audrey Fernandes-Satar. These artworks follow a narrative centered around the theme of ‘How Things Grow,’ a concept inspired by the seed pods discovered within their school grounds.

Their educational philosophy extends beyond academics; they are committed to fostering the holistic development of each student. They place significant emphasis on nurturing not only academic prowess but also social and emotional intelligence. Their vision is to produce graduates who are actively engaged in their local community and globally aware citizens, possessing a strong sense of global citizenship.

Within their academic offerings, they are proud to offer robust pathways to excellence, which encourage creativity and innovation from an early stage, starting from Year 7. They firmly believe that vocational education and the pursuit of lifelong learning are essential facets of a well-rounded education, and they are dedicated to nurturing these aspects in their students.

At the heart of Aveley Secondary College lies their distinct brand, symbolizing their future-oriented, global vision of education while remaining deeply rooted in their local community context. Their brand serves as a visual representation of collaboration, unity of purpose, and the diverse elements that make up their community, including Ellenbrook, Aveley, The Vines, and Upper Swan. The colors chosen for their brand reflect the changing seasons of their vibrant community, which is set against the picturesque backdrop of vineyards, rolling hills, the meandering Swan River, and the idyllic Valley.

In essence, Aveley Secondary College is not just an educational institution; it is a place where excellence meets inclusivity, creativity thrives, and students are prepared to make a positive impact on both their local community and the global stage.


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