Bunnings Ellenbrook

Bunnings Ellenbrook

At Bunnings Ellenbrook, their unwavering ambition is to offer their valued customers the most extensive selection of home improvement products while upholding their lowest prices policy, all underpinned by a commitment to delivering top-notch service.

Central to their success are the dedicated team members who serve as the heart and soul of their business. Their unwavering dedication to their guiding principles—integrity, respect, teamwork, achievement, and innovation—forms the bedrock of their organizational culture and fuels their pursuit of a visionary future.

Sustainability is a core facet of their operations, as they earnestly endeavor to create a framework that is not only socially responsible but also environmentally conscious and economically viable. They recognize the profound impact they have on the communities where they operate and reside, and they actively engage with and contribute to causes and organizations that uplift these communities.

Their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint is evident in their measurable actions. They consistently seek ways to enhance the efficient use of resources, champion sustainable and ethical practices among their suppliers, educate and encourage their customers to embrace eco-friendly alternatives, and steadfastly adhere to the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” principles in waste management. In 2021, they proudly introduced a nationwide battery recycling program across their Australian store network, providing customers with an in-store solution for recycling household and power tool batteries. This initiative was extended to their New Zealand network in 2022, further exemplifying their dedication to environmental stewardship.

At Bunnings Ellenbrook, they hold their team members in high esteem, recognizing their invaluable contributions, rewarding their dedication, and fostering a workplace that blends satisfaction with enjoyment and unwavering safety.

By staying true to their core values and prioritizing sustainability in every facet of their operations, they are committed to “building the best” and earning the privilege to serve their cherished customers both today and well into the future.


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