Chequers Hotel

Chequers Hotel

The Chequers Hotel, situated at 2543 Great Northern Highway in Bullsbrook, Western Australia, with the postal code 6084, holds a fascinating history that spans over a century. This charming establishment, fondly remembered as the Red Roof, owes its legacy to the Murfett family, who have proudly owned and managed it throughout its existence.

Originally known as Hotel Bullsbrook, the Chequers Hotel earned its iconic name, the Red Roof, due to its distinctive roofing, becoming synonymous with the RAAF personnel and locals in the area. A remarkable fact is that the hotel predates the nearby RAAF base, making it older than the very institution it later became associated with.

In the early 1910s, the Chequers Hotel was constructed, with the foresight that the region would experience substantial growth, including the planned RAAF base nearby. In the mid-1930s, architect William G. Bennett took charge of a renovation project that would accommodate the expanding community and the anticipated influx of personnel from the adjacent RAAF base. Notably, Bennett had an impressive portfolio, having been involved in the updates of esteemed landmarks like the Raffles Hotel and the Ocean Beach Hotel, as well as being the creative mind behind the architectural design of the Regal Theatre in Subiaco.

With the passing of more than a century since its establishment, the Chequers Hotel stands proudly as the only remaining inn in operation from the five that once graced Great Northern Highway. Its evolution over the years has shaped it into the welcoming and charming establishment that greets visitors today.

As a testament to its rich history, the Chequers Hotel features a collection of historic photographs showcasing significant moments in its past. Among these images is a poignant snapshot of a crowd gathered outside the hotel to warmly welcome soldiers returning from World War I, reflecting the hotel’s connection to the community and its involvement in historical events.

A fascinating discovery occurred during the renovations in 2017 when workers stumbled upon a framed mosaic linoleum aircraft in a storage area between the bars. The medallion was remarkably well-preserved, but its presence and the story behind its placement remain shrouded in mystery. This intriguing artifact adds to the enigmatic allure of the Chequers Hotel, leaving visitors and historians alike wondering about the tales hidden within its walls.

In conclusion, the Chequers Hotel in Bullsbrook, Western Australia, proudly carries a storied past, interwoven with the growth of the region, the RAAF base, and the community it serves. With its family-owned heritage, historic charm, and unique discoveries, the Chequers Hotel continues to be a cherished landmark along the Great Northern Highway, offering a warm and inviting experience to all who walk through its doors.

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