Ellen Stirling Primary School

Ellen Stirling Primary School

Situated in the heart of Ellenbrook, Ellen Stirling Primary School stands as a beacon of quality education, dedicated to fostering a safe and enriched learning environment that is underpinned by ambitious expectations for both achievement and personal growth.

As a prominent establishment within the Ellenbrook community, Ellen Stirling Primary School extends its educational services to a diverse range of students, spanning from Kindergarten through Year 6. With a resolute commitment to delivering excellence in education, the school accommodates approximately 700 students, serving as a vital component of the broader Ellenbrook network. This network comprises six esteemed public primary schools, collectively contributing to the academic journey of students as they progress towards Ellenbrook Secondary College and Aveley Secondary College. Drawing students from Ellenbrook and Aveley, Ellen Stirling Primary School plays an integral role in shaping the educational landscape of the region.

The institution seamlessly amalgamates a profound appreciation for the pioneering ethos with a forward-looking emphasis on technology, ensuring that its students are aptly prepared for the ever-evolving demands of the future. Captured succinctly in the school’s motto, ‘Explore, Discover, Grow,’ is a profound philosophy that underscores the significance of dynamic and engaged student learning. An essential facet of this philosophy is the school’s encouragement of students to perceive themselves as perpetual learners, continuously striving to set and achieve individualized learning objectives. The dedicated staff at the school wholeheartedly embrace this ethos, displaying an eagerness to embrace novel concepts and innovative pedagogical approaches that significantly bolster student exploration and development.

At the heart of Ellen Stirling Primary School’s success lies an unwavering commitment to collaboration with parents and the wider community. Through purposeful consultation and active engagement, the school diligently crafts an educational ecosystem that aligns seamlessly with the expectations and aspirations of the community it serves. The palpable result of this partnership is the thriving Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association and the School Board, which work in tandem to ensure the holistic development and growth of the school.

Central to the school’s identity is its reliance on research-backed, comprehensive literacy and numeracy programs that cater to the diverse needs of its student body. Concurrently, the institution is an advocate for social development, as evidenced by its adoption of the ‘You Can Do It!’ program. This initiative hinges on six crucial keys: Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, Confidence, Resilience, and Manners. By cultivating these essential attributes, Ellen Stirling Primary School not only imparts academic knowledge but also instills vital life skills that empower students to thrive in various contexts.

In summation, Ellen Stirling Primary School stands as a bastion of educational excellence, where academic rigor seamlessly intertwines with holistic growth. Through its pioneering spirit, commitment to technological advancement, and resolute partnership with the community, the school remains dedicated to nurturing inquisitive minds, fostering discoveries, and nurturing growth for a future that beckons with possibilities.


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