Ellenbrook Men’s Shed

Ellenbrook Men's Shed

Are you in search of a welcoming group where you can savor a cup of coffee while engaging in light-hearted conversations? Perhaps you’re eager to showcase your unique talents or gain insights on crafting things, thus acquiring new skills that broaden your horizons?

Calling out to men from all walks of life and regardless of age! Now is the perfect moment to become a part of a local community group that places a premium on fun and camaraderie. It’s a place where every single member is cherished and valued, where inclusivity reigns supreme.

Join them at the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed, where they not only welcome your ideas but actively encourage you to share your wealth of skills. It’s more than just a shed; it’s a place of growth, connection, and community building.

Your shed, their shed—it’s a space where the joy of learning something new thrives. So, come along and explore how you can contribute to the launch of additional activities, broadening their horizons to cater to a diverse range of interests.

What are you waiting for? They have a treasure trove of opportunities and experiences waiting for you to discover.

Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is a nonprofit, community-driven organization committed to providing a safe and friendly haven for men to gather, collaborate on projects, nurture a supportive community, and extend a helping hand to others.

Their mission goes beyond the traditional notion of a ‘shed’ where members engage in fixing or making things. While they proudly maintain this tradition, the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed embodies a deeper purpose. It’s a place where you can meet kindred spirits, have fun, share your skills, and open up about your concerns, all while discovering a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. Their overarching goal is to combat isolation, alleviate feelings of loneliness, and support men in dealing with mental health challenges, ultimately contributing to community development and, in some cases, even saving lives. This is what truly sets their Men’s Shed apart.

They provide state-of-the-art equipment that accommodates a wide array of projects. Moreover, they’re always eager to hear your fresh ideas for additional activities. If you lack the confidence to operate machinery, fret not; they offer guidance and training to ensure you can safely utilize the equipment.

In the event of an accident or a member falling unwell, they have easy access to two Defibrillators, ensuring the safety of all members.

They are officially incorporated and affiliated with the Western Australia Chapter of the Men’s Shed Association.

One of their primary objectives is to enhance the overall health, well-being, and social inclusion of all their members through activities that pique their interests. To that end, they warmly welcome men to join and collaborate on projects that not only personally satisfy them but also make a significant contribution to their broader community.

Their members boast diverse interests, with common activities including woodworking, woodturning, toy making, metalworking, and engaging in discussion groups. They’re highly enthusiastic about introducing new activities and actively encourage members to share their innovative ideas.

The Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is driven by the understanding that relationships and connections are vital to overall well-being. They serve as a local solution to the growing national need for spaces where men can socialize, actively participate, and make meaningful contributions to society.

The tangible benefits their members experience are a testament to the worth of their Men’s Shed. These benefits include improved health and well-being outcomes directly linked to membership. The Ellenbrook community thrives on a strong spirit of togetherness, and groups like theirs play a pivotal role in nurturing this sense of unity. Their increasing membership and enthusiastic members underscore the shed’s value to the broader community.

It’s important to note that the Men’s Shed isn’t limited to fixing furniture and crafting toys. The scope of their activities is as diverse as their members’ interests allow. They do not compete with commercial businesses and do not offer professional trade services. Furthermore, they are not a replacement for professional health and medical services; their focus is on providing mutual support and camaraderie.

At the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed, their doors are open Monday to Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and currently on Fridays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, primarily for training purposes. They maintain an inclusive approach to all their activities, placing strong emphasis on the well-being of every member and adhering to safe work practices. To ensure the safety of all members, equipment operation is allowed only after appropriate training.

Looking ahead, they have initiated discussions with the City of Swan to secure premises that can serve their needs for the next decade or more. Their goal is twofold: to promote collaboration among local nonprofit organizations and create a sense of permanency in high-quality premises that can cater to the evolving needs of their community. This vision aligns with their commitment to fostering growth, inclusivity, and positive well-being.

In conclusion, the Ellenbrook Men’s Shed is more than just a gathering place; it’s a nexus of connection, learning, and community betterment. Their commitment to providing a supportive, enriching environment for men of all backgrounds and ages remains unwavering. They invite you to become a part of their dynamic community and embark on a journey of personal growth, camaraderie, and community contribution.


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