Great Beginnings Aveley

Great Beginnings Aveley

Welcome to the nurturing embrace of Great Beginnings Aveley. Their dedicated child care centre is conveniently located just a short 3-minute drive from Aveley Shopping Centre, providing exceptional child care and early education services for families residing in Aveley, Brabham, Ellenbrook, and The Vines area. Their purpose-built Aveley child care centre opens its doors to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, creating a trusted haven for the development and education of the youngest members of their community.

At Great Beginnings Aveley, they boast an incredible team of highly qualified and passionate early childhood teachers and educators, all of whom share a collective dedication to ensuring that every child entrusted to their care feels safe, nurtured, and endlessly inspired throughout their early years’ educational journey. Their unwavering commitment to keeping families closely connected to their child’s learning and development is evident in their daily updates and photos, which provide an insightful and heartwarming glimpse into each child’s growth and progress, conveniently accessible through their family app.

A World of Exploration

Their Aveley child care centre has been thoughtfully designed to create a second home for children, a space that actively encourages exploration and curiosity. Their brand-new, state-of-the-art, resource-rich early learning environments are tailor-made to immerse your child in a world of boundless possibilities, sparking their inquisitiveness and nurturing their innate desire for knowledge.

Each learning space seamlessly extends into their magnificent outdoor environment, where the possibilities for play are limitless. Their extensive range of covered play areas is equipped with climbing equipment that provides a secure platform for children to develop their physical strength, balance, and self-confidence through play. Additionally, they are proud to have their own resident chickens, lovingly cared for by the children, as well as a thriving vegetable garden that plays an integral role in their sustainability program.

Their Dedicated Educators

The heart of their Aveley child care centre is undeniably their passionate and experienced team of educators. They recognize and celebrate the unique talents and interests of each child, and their dedicated educators are ardently committed to aiding every child in discovering their identity and evolving into confident, content, and resilient learners.

A Curriculum Rooted in Play

Play is the cornerstone of every child’s learning and development journey. It grants them the freedom to make choices, acquire new skills, take calculated risks, and most importantly, experience the sheer joy of learning. At Great Beginnings Aveley, their accomplished team meticulously crafts play-based learning activities in alignment with national standards, particularly the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The EYLF serves as a blueprint for actively engaging with each child’s interests, allowing them to encounter each day with renewed curiosity and enthusiasm, thereby fostering their preparedness for the primary school phase.

Their Early Learning Curriculum extends beyond traditional education, providing children with a wealth of experiences:

  1. Real-Life Engagement: Children actively participate in enriching experiences such as woodworking, tending to the vegetable garden, nurturing and feeding their chickens, engaging in recycling, and gaining fundamental cooking skills.
  2. Sustainability Program: Each age group gets involved in sustainability projects that help children integrate eco-friendly practices into their daily lives. These initiatives involve lessons about recycling, water conservation, food cultivation, and the significance of safeguarding their planet.
  3. Music and Movement Programs: Their meticulously designed music programs serve as a catalyst for the development of fundamental skills, supporting children’s self-regulation, memory, and concentration.
  4. Yoga Program: Regular yoga sessions at their centre help children learn about posture, strength, and mindfulness, fostering holistic well-being.
  5. Community Engagement Activities: They frequently host visits from local community librarians, law enforcement officers, and other community services in Aveley, acquainting the children with their immediate surroundings. Excursions to local parks further enrich the children’s learning experiences.

Nourishing Young Minds and Bodies

Their culinary offerings reflect their commitment to the well-being of your child. They provide children with nutrient-rich, fresh, and seasonal foods designed to cater to even the most discerning of palates. Their menu undergoes a rotation every four weeks, accommodating the unique dietary requirements of every child under their care.

At Great Beginnings Aveley, they firmly believe that by actively involving children in food preparation, including activities like growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables, participating in meal preparation, and even assisting in cooking, they foster a deep appreciation and understanding of the importance of healthy eating.

Looking Forward

They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to partner with you and your family, offering essential information, unwavering support, and top-tier early education and care during your child’s formative years. Whether you wish to embark on a tour or contact their dedicated Family Support Team, they stand ready to begin this incredible journey with you today. Great Beginnings Aveley is more than just a child care centre; it’s a gateway to a world of discovery, learning, and boundless possibilities for your child’s growth and development.


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