Infused CrossFit

Infused CrossFit

At Infused CrossFit, their primary objective is to elevate the overall well-being of individuals by focusing on health and fitness. As dedicated health and fitness mentors, they lead by setting an exemplary standard, guiding others in areas such as mindset, nutrition, and functional fitness, which proves beneficial in daily activities.

What sets them apart is their commitment to providing a welcoming and stimulating environment through an array of classes suitable for all fitness levels. They take great care in teaching participants how to perform exercises safely and efficiently, ensuring the prevention of injuries and the optimization of results.

A core aspect of their approach revolves around fostering a positive and sustainable relationship with food, as they understand the impact it has on overall health. Through their coaching, they help members develop a healthy attitude towards food and its role in achieving fitness goals. Additionally, they instill a positive outlook on working out, ensuring that their members receive the necessary encouragement and support, holding them accountable on their fitness journey.

The impact of Infused CrossFit on people’s lives has been remarkable, with over 800 lives positively transformed. From helping athletes regain their energy and keep up with their kids, to enabling individuals to carry out their professions pain-free, and even aiding in boosting self-confidence by feeling comfortable in one’s own skin – Infused has empowered its members to lead life on their terms.

The inspiring journey of Infused CrossFit began in 2009 when they initially established themselves in Midland. However, in 2014, they relocated to Ellenbrook, where they expanded their services to include Fitness Classes and Allied Health Services.

One of the most transformative moments came in 2015 when an athlete named Gaz joined the community, unaware of the profound impact it would have on his life. Gaz, already well-versed in fitness training, became deeply passionate about CrossFit and even obtained certifications as a Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach in his spare time.

In a life-changing decision, Gaz took his passion to the next level in 2017. He decided to leave behind his 10+ year career in FIFO Offshore work and take over as the new owner of Infused CrossFit, turning his love for fitness into a full-fledged profession.

As the popularity of Infused CrossFit soared, they moved to a state-of-the-art facility in 2021, solidifying their status as Ellenbrook’s premier CrossFit facility. Their experienced team of coaches, boasting over 28 years of combined expertise, now offers an impressive schedule of 36 fitness classes each week, catering to all time preferences, with the earliest class starting as early as 5 am.

What truly sets Infused apart is their unique approach to workout customization. They have mastered the art of scaling and modifying exercises to suit every fitness level, from complete beginners to elite athletes. By categorizing workouts into eight different levels of difficulty, they ensure that each athlete can engage in a workout that aligns with their abilities, leading to optimal performance and progress.

The foundation of their approach centers around emphasizing proper mechanics and movement proficiency, with a keen focus on consistency. Once athletes have mastered the fundamentals, intensity is gradually increased, thereby enabling them to achieve various goals such as weight loss, fat reduction, muscle gain, and improved overall performance.

The true essence of success at Infused CrossFit lies in tailoring workouts to match each individual’s unique capabilities. By modifying exercises to suit one’s ability, participants achieve the ideal level of intensity necessary for their personal growth and advancement. Combining their carefully crafted programming with exceptional coaching and a supportive community, Infused CrossFit has undeniably become the ultimate path to success in the realm of health and fitness.

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