Integration and Empowerment Services (IES)

Integration and Empowerment Services (IES)

Welcome to the realm of Integration and Empowerment Services (IES), a sanctuary where empowerment and care converge to sculpt a tapestry of well-being tailored just for you. Enthroned as an NDIS Registered Service Provider and adorned with the mantle of an ACNC Registered Charity, their essence thrives in nurturing community, seeding positivity, and championing lives.

Their heartbeat resonates with a holistic symphony, an orchestration of support services meticulously woven to align with your needs and aspirations. As they walk this path with you, they strive to liberate your time and energy, carving a passage for you to immerse in the pursuits that resonate with your heart.

Do you yearn for a troupe of professionals who fan the flames of your aspirations, who unfurl the banner of living life to its fullest? They stand as the bridge between dreams and reality, inviting you to reach out and engage with a team that transforms possibilities into tangible experiences.

Venturing into our realm unveils a constellation of services, each tailored to nourish different facets of your existence:

In-Home Care: They cocoon you within the comfort of your abode, tendering assistance with daily chores, from culinary artistry to the alchemy of cleaning, from personal care to nurturing a haven of well-being.

Community Support: Embarking on adventures beyond your threshold, they accompany you to appointments, social soirees, and market escapades, forging bridges to your community.

Respite Assistance: A lifeline of respite emerges, donning the garb of both fleeting respites and extended oases of tranquility, flexing its embrace in accordance with your needs.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: Within the nurturing arms of dedicated Recovery Mentors, the phoenix of your potential is awakened. Goals become stepping stones, and the best version of yourself emerges from the crucible of empowerment.

Support Coordination: A symphony of connection unfolds, aligning you with a cavalcade of allied health experts and tailored support services that mirror your unique needs.

Social Programs: Their hub becomes a kaleidoscope of opportunities. From culinary journeys to therapeutic artistry, peer support camaraderie to glamorous days of rejuvenation – each page of your social chronicle is bound by their offerings.

Group Outings: Monthly sojourns extend an invitation to embrace your community, to forge connections, and to script new chapters of experience in a cocoon of safety and acceptance.

Intensive Capacity Building Group Trips: The two-night sojourn of their ICBT program unfurls as a tapestry of empowerment. It’s an odyssey marked by learning new skills, polishing existing ones, and kindling friendships within a welcoming embrace.


In choosing them, you select a path imbued with distinction:

As Individual As You: The tapestry of their support is spun around your uniqueness, sculpted to resonate with your care needs, aspirations, and strengths. You deserve nothing less than a support system as distinctive as your essence.

As Local As You: They mirror your locale, rooted in local offices and a team that breathes the same air as your community. Through alliances and partnerships, they sow seeds that bloom in local events and collective growth.

A Holistic Approach: The essence of care resides in a holistic approach. Their personalized support, meticulously curated to your needs, paints a canvas that harmonizes every facet of your well-being.

Your Support Network: Within IES, you are not a statistic; you’re a valued individual, a person. Your journey is undertaken with an unwavering team, dedicated to translating your desires into the support you seek, yearn for, and deserve.

Welcome to Integration and Empowerment Services, where your journey towards empowerment unfolds amidst tailored care, local bonds, and a symphony of holistic well-being. Your life, your terms – let’s craft this story together.


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