Kiddo’s OSHC & Vacation Care

Kiddo’s OSHC & Vacation Care

Kiddo’s, a childcare service with a heartwarming story, was founded in 2018 by Vanessa, a dedicated educator with 12 years of experience working with children aged 0 to 12. Drawing from her extensive background in the childcare industry, Vanessa’s mission was to create a haven for children – a place where they could receive top-notch care in a safe and inclusive environment, fostering a sense of comfort and acceptance.

Kiddo’s isn’t just any childcare service; it’s a family-operated one. Their team is composed of passionate educators committed to delivering high-quality childcare and remaining devoted to continuous professional development. They’ve also made the commitment to have permanent staff members to ensure the continuity of care, ensuring children build strong, lasting bonds with their caregivers.

Inclusivity is a core value at Kiddo’s. They go the extra mile to support families with children who have additional needs, providing them with the assurance that their kids are not just happy but also well-supported. They employ their Inclusion Support Plan alongside their Inclusion Support Person to create an inclusive environment. This entails additional educators, exceeding the ratio of educators to children mandated by childcare regulations.

At Kiddo’s OSHC, health and safety are paramount. They’ve implemented comprehensive sun safety practices, ensuring that children are well-protected from harmful UV rays. Moreover, all their educators are equipped with first aid and child protection training, guaranteeing a safe and secure environment. Their educators are diligent in supervising children effectively, and their premises are entirely smoke, drug, and alcohol-free. They promote healthy nutrition, even when kids bring their own snacks, and they maintain a vigilant awareness of allergies.

They invite families to become an integral part of the Kiddo’s experience. Spend some time at their service, meet their caring educators, and witness firsthand how they operate, creating a sense of community and reassurance.

Their Programs – Enriching Children’s Lives

In the Kiddo’s Out of School Hours Care (OSHC), they believe that a child’s experience should be filled with opportunities for play, exploration, and learning. Here’s what they focus on:

  1. Relaxation and Leisure: Recognizing that children have just finished school, they provide an environment where they can relax, engage in leisure activities, and spend time with their friends and peers.
  2. Community Engagement: They encourage children to participate in their community, using local facilities like libraries and recreation centers, and even engaging in community projects like tree planting, art shows, or national clean-up initiatives.
  3. Self-Esteem and Confidence: They work diligently to help children build their self-esteem and confidence, fostering their personal growth and development.
  4. Exploration and Skill Development: Their programs provide children with opportunities to explore new interests, hobbies, sports, and share their skills and passions with others.

In their My Time Our Place programs, they tailor activities to each child’s unique interests, needs, and abilities. They believe in flexible planning and positive relationships:

  1. Continuous Improvement: They have formal and informal evaluation procedures in place to reflect on every aspect of children’s programs, ensuring that they are always improving their practices.
  2. Choice and Flexibility: They offer children choices and build flexibility into their schedules, allowing them to adapt to unexpected events and individual children’s needs.

Kiddo’s is more than a childcare service; it’s a place where children can grow, learn, and flourish in a nurturing and inclusive environment, guided by dedicated educators who put their well-being first.


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