MercyCare Early Learning Centre Bennett Springs

MercyCare Early Learning Centre Bennett Springs

At MercyCare Early Learning Centre Bennett Springs, they wholeheartedly embrace the values of community and culture, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated year-round. Through their commitment to offering activities and language exposure from various cultures, they encourage children to not only appreciate but also actively engage with different traditions, both within their center and in their wider social spheres.

Nestled within the heart of Bennett Springs, their state-of-the-art childcare facility provides an ideal setting for children to thrive and flourish. Designed with modernity and purpose in mind, their center boasts expansive outdoor play areas adorned with lush grass and towering trees, resembling a natural parkland. This unique environment grants children the freedom to immerse themselves in nature, fostering exploration and independent play.

Central to their ethos is the creation of a warm and inclusive atmosphere, particularly catering to multicultural families. With educators proficient in multiple languages, they ensure that children from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed and supported, facilitating a sense of security and belonging from the moment they step through their doors. Moreover, they are deeply committed to educating children about the origins of their food and instilling eco-consciousness, seamlessly integrating sustainable practices into their daily routines, from cultivating a bush tucker garden to repurposing materials for creative endeavors.

Highlighted Features:

In addition to their comprehensive cultural and linguistic offerings, the MercyCare Bennett Springs Early Learning Centre features a designated art space flooded with natural light. Stocked with an array of art supplies, this area serves as a hub for creative expression, with educators guiding children in selecting materials and crafting individualized projects, proudly displayed throughout the premises.

Key Offerings:

  • Comprehensive care for children from infancy to 6 years, including dedicated programs for babies, toddlers, and kindergarteners.
  • School Readiness Program designed to equip kindergarteners with essential skills for their educational journey.
  • Seamless communication with families through real-time updates and engagement.
  • Nutritious daily menus crafted in collaboration with Feed Australia, accommodating special dietary needs in partnership with families.
  • MercyCare MiniChef initiative fostering culinary exploration and healthy eating habits.
  • Eco Warriors program empowering children to champion environmental stewardship.
  • Exciting incursions and special events enhancing learning experiences.
  • Flexible childcare options, including penalty-free casual bookings, discounted public holiday sessions, and cost-effective 10-hour sessions and half-days, catering to diverse family needs and schedules.

At MercyCare Early Learning Centre Bennett Springs, they are dedicated to nurturing not only the minds but also the hearts of their young learners, cultivating a vibrant community where every child feels valued, inspired, and empowered to reach their fullest potential.


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