Nido Early School Aveley

Nido Early School Aveley

Choosing the right Early School for your child is an incredibly significant decision, one that sets the foundation for their lifelong educational journey. At Nido Early School Aveley, they understand the gravity of this choice and take pride in their mission to provide children with meaningful experiences during their formative years, thus cultivating a deep-seated love for lifelong learning.

Their commitment to exceptional education and care extends from infants as young as six weeks old, right through to school-age children. They offer a secure, comfortable, nurturing, and serene environment, ensuring that children of all ages receive the support they need to thrive and flourish.

What Sets Nido Early School Apart?

Nido Early Schools stand out for their distinctive approach, taking inspiration from the renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy. Their core objective is to empower each child to create, explore, and discover the world around them. Here’s why Nido is the ideal choice for your child’s educational journey:

  1. Environment That Enhances Learning: They believe that the environment plays a pivotal role in a child’s learning experience. As such, their spaces are meticulously designed to ensure that your child thrives. Upon stepping into their Early School, you’ll immediately notice that every area exudes a sense of lightness and features natural tones and textures. This careful planning creates a tranquil atmosphere that’s conducive to learning.
  2. Versatile Learning Spaces: Throughout the day, your child has the freedom to transition between indoor and outdoor learning environments. These spaces include vegetable patches, relaxation areas, and music zones. Most notably, their Early Schools feature Ateliers, dedicated arts workshops where children are encouraged to express themselves, nurture their curiosity, and ignite their creativity.
  3. Parent Engagement: They understand the importance of family involvement in a child’s early learning journey. At Nido, you are always welcome to spend quality time with your child. Whether it’s having breakfast with them, staying to read their favorite book, or dropping in during the day to provide nourishment, they actively encourage your active participation.

Nido Early School Aveley stands as a testament to their unique approach to childcare and early education. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, they are steadfast in their commitment to providing children from as young as six weeks old up to school age with the fantastic opportunities they need to create, explore, discover, and grow.

What to Expect at Nido Early School Aveley:

  1. High-Quality Educational Programs: Each Early School boasts high-quality educational programs. Their dedicated Curriculum Leaders guide and mentor children to ensure they receive the best possible education.
  2. Passionate, Highly Qualified Educators: Their team comprises sector-leading, degree-qualified teachers who are deeply passionate about nurturing young minds. All their Educators either hold diplomas or have achieved Cert III qualifications in early childhood education.
  3. Thoughtfully Designed Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: Their indoor and outdoor spaces are beautifully designed to create a harmonious and inspiring learning environment.
  4. Unique Atelier Art Workshops: Nido Early Schools offer Ateliers, a unique concept not found anywhere else in Australia. These art workshops provide children with the freedom to express themselves creatively, fostering their curiosity and artistic skills.
  5. Nourishing Wholefood Menus: They are dedicated to providing your child with nourishing meals. Their wholefood menus have been exclusively crafted for them by Nourished Beginnings. All meals are prepared on-site in their cucinas (kitchens), ensuring the highest standards of quality and taste.

They invite you to reach out to them with any questions you may have and warmly welcome you to explore the array of opportunities they offer at Nido Early School Aveley. To truly appreciate what they have in store for your child’s educational journey, they encourage you to arrange a tour of their Early School Aveley. They look forward to introducing you to their nurturing, inspiring, and innovative learning environment, where a lifelong love for learning is ignited and nurtured.


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