Paintball Skirmish

Paintball Skirmish

Established in 1992, Paintball Skirmish stands as a pioneer in the paintball gaming realm within Western Australia, marking its legacy as the trailblazing company that introduced and registered paintball games in the region.

As a proudly family-owned and operated entity, their journey commenced by orchestrating mobile paintballing escapades around Perth. Witnessing the surge in popularity for this exhilarating sport, their commitment to meeting customer demand led to the inception of their esteemed Swan Valley Paintball venue—a testament to their dedication to providing top-tier paintball experiences.

Their doors remain open seven days a week, welcoming enthusiasts to their sprawling 25-acre enclave nestled within the scenic expanse of Swan Valley’s natural bushland. This picturesque setting boasts multiple playing fields, each meticulously designed with diverse terrain and strategic cover comprising various objects and trees. Come rain, hail, or shine, their fields remain operational, with only the most extreme weather conditions interrupting the thrill of an epic paintball battle!

At the heart of Paintball Skirmish is their passionate team, affectionately known as ‘The Skirm,’ committed to delivering entertainment and ensuring every player savors an action-packed and memorable day. Their seasoned and affable staff, amassing over 40 years of collective experience, adeptly guide players to unleash their full potential. Armed with keen strategies and tactical acumen, their team fosters enthusiasm, energy, and an unwavering team spirit among all participants!

Catering to a diverse demographic, from 12-year-olds to adults, their offerings extend beyond mere entertainment. They specialize in curating experiences for various occasions, including birthdays, sports clubs, school outings, corporate team-building endeavors, social functions, pre-wedding celebrations like Bucks/Hens parties, festive Christmas gatherings, and delightful rendezvous for friends and families seeking wholesome fun! Their commitment to inclusivity and creating a family-friendly ambiance ensures an enjoyable outing for all.

At Paintball Skirmish, they take pride in crafting an environment where camaraderie, excitement, and unforgettable moments converge. Whether seeking thrilling escapades or fostering team dynamics, their venue promises an immersive and electrifying paintball experience for everyone to relish.


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