Revolutions Transport Museum

Revolutions Transport Museum

Revolutions Transport Museum isn’t just another land transport museum—it’s a captivating, immersive exhibition that delves deep into the vast impact of transport choices and technological advancements on the lives and landscapes of Western Australia. More than merely a repository of history, it’s a dynamic showcase illustrating the evolution of transport and its influence, both historically and in shaping their future.

Central to the museum’s identity is the Whiteman Collection, a treasured legacy bequeathed by Lew Whiteman to the people of Western Australia. This collection is a treasure trove unveiling riveting land transport stories and pivotal technological developments that have left an indelible mark on their past and will continue to shape their future.

Engaging visitors with interactive exhibits, the museum offers a journey through time, allowing guests to experience eras gone by, from boarding a horse-drawn buggy to slipping into the driver’s seat of their iconic EJ Holden. The enthralling ‘Singing the Train’ exhibit transcends history, narrating the Pilbara’s rail journey through the resonating voice of the Nyamal people, fostering a deep connection to the region’s heritage.

The museum’s ever-evolving nature ensures a dynamic visit each time. The quarterly rotating displays in the Collection Store window and foyer keep things fresh, while temporary and traveling exhibitions enrich the museum’s narrative, promising an ever-changing landscape for exploration in this inviting, family-friendly space.

Revolution Transport Museum goes beyond passive observation with its diverse array of programs catering to various interests:

  • Down Memory Lane tours: These immersive tours offer a nostalgic trip through time, providing insights into previous generations’ ways of life—an ideal excursion for seniors, social groups, and tourists alike.
  • Primary education programs: Designed to educate and engage, these programs delve into how transport and technology changes have impacted Western Australia’s lives and communities. Students partake in hands-on experiences, interacting with real historical items to comprehend the evolution of transport.

Moreover, the museum’s digital collection on Collections WA provides an avenue to explore Revolution’s extensive catalogue of objects. This online platform grants access to unique cultural narratives and stories from WA collections, offering a glimpse into items typically kept away from public view. The digitization of these historical artifacts not only ensures their preservation for future generations but also facilitates community-wide access to these cultural treasures.

As the museum team continuously conducts research and expands the Whiteman Collection, the digital catalogue grows, perpetuating the legacy of these historic artifacts while inviting the wider community to partake in the rich heritage of Western Australia.


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