Spudshed Ellenbrook

Spudshed Ellenbrook

The remarkable tale of Spudshed is one that spans generations and echoes with the spirit of hard work, family values, and a commitment to providing the people of Perth with fresh, affordable produce.

This extraordinary journey began in the 1960s when the Galati family embarked on their entrepreneurial path as market gardeners in Spearwood. Tony, Vince, and Sam, the brothers at the helm, were raised in the nurturing embrace of their Sicilian parents, who instilled in them a strong work ethic and a deep connection to the land. After completing their school day, they would roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in the daily toil of the two-hectare market garden, whether it was picking beans or harvesting potatoes.

This modest beginning was the seed from which the sprawling Spudshed empire would grow. Through relentless hard work and tireless hours, the Galati family expanded their agricultural endeavors to encompass farms throughout Western Australia. Despite the remarkable scale of their business, the Galatis have remained unwaveringly committed to keeping it a tightly knit family affair. Tony, Vince, and Sam, along with the invaluable support of their sons, continue to oversee the day-to-day operations across their numerous farms and stores.

The inaugural Spudshed store opened its doors in November 1998, housed within a humble shed on the Baldivis farm. What began as a modest farmer’s market soon blossomed into a network of seventeen stores, each offering a diverse array of fresh produce, complemented by a comprehensive selection of meat, dairy, and grocery items. Notably, the core of Spudshed’s offerings still originates directly from the Galati family farms.

At the heart of Spudshed’s philosophy lies a simple yet profound commitment: to make the weekly shopping experience more affordable and to make healthy, fresh produce accessible to the people of Perth. This enduring dedication continues to drive Tony and his family, ensuring that the essence of Spudshed remains firmly rooted in its mission to nourish and uplift the community they hold dear.


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