Support Genie

Support Genie

Support Genie emerged in 2020 as the brainchild of Thi Nhu-Y Nguyen, driven by a passionate commitment to offering unparalleled, personalized care to individuals navigating the challenges of disability. Rooted in a family-owned ethos, Support Genie extends a warm embrace to participants and their families, fostering a sense of kinship and belonging. With over 15 years of experience as a registered nurse in the healthcare sector, Thi Nhu-Y witnessed firsthand the profound impact of inadequate support on the physical and mental well-being of individuals and their families.

During her tenure as a practice nurse in general practice settings, Thi Nhu-Y observed the toll exacted when individuals and their families lack the requisite care and support within the home environment. Motivated by a desire to alleviate these challenges and provide holistic support, Support Genie was conceived. The organization endeavors to address the diverse needs of individuals across the spectrum, from children with special needs to seniors grappling with the trials of aging.


Excellence in Care: At Support Genie, they uphold a steadfast commitment to excellence in every facet of their operations. Their services are delivered by highly skilled professionals, grounded in evidence-based practices, and driven by a relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

Building Trust: Transparency and integrity form the bedrock of their interactions. They cultivate trust through open communication, consistently delivering on their promises, and prioritizing the well-being of those they serve.

Empowerment and Independence: Central to their philosophy is the empowerment of individuals to lead fulfilling lives marked by independence and autonomy. They strive to nurture a sense of self-reliance and belonging in each client they support.

Integrity: They uphold the highest ethical standards, conducting themselves with integrity and honesty in all endeavors. Their commitment to legality and ethical conduct ensures the well-being of their clients and safeguards the reputation of their business.

Respect: Respect is fundamental to their ethos. They treat everyone with dignity, fairness, and compassion, honoring the inherent worth and diversity of each individual.

Their team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, reflecting a tapestry of ethnicities, languages, and traditions. This rich diversity informs their approach to care, enabling them to provide culturally sensitive and tailored support that resonates with their clients’ unique needs and preferences.

As they navigate their journey of service provision, Support Genie acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land upon which their operations unfold—the Noongar Nation. They pay homage to their enduring culture, beliefs, and profound connection to the land, recognizing the invaluable contributions of the Noongar people to the fabric of life in this region.


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