Swan Valley Anglican Community School

Swan Valley Anglican Community School

Swan Valley Anglican Community School (SVACS), an institution within the Anglican Schools Commission under the Diocese of Perth, stands as a thriving educational cornerstone in the picturesque Swan Valley. Catering to students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, SVACS is a vibrant, co-educational, independent school with a rich history of excellence in education.

Nestled within the burgeoning suburb of Aveley, SVACS was established in 2006 with a clear mission: to deliver a high-quality, holistic education rooted in the values of the Anglican Community School environment. Their dedication extends to both primary and secondary school students in the Swan Valley and its adjacent regions, where they’ve cultivated a diverse community of over 1330 students.

At SVACS, they take immense pride in their steadfast commitment to educational excellence. They set high academic standards and continually strive to unlock the individual potential of every student within a dynamic, compassionate, and nurturing environment.

Embracing Challenges with Courage

Here at Swan Valley Anglican Community School, they foster a culture of courage. They firmly believe in confronting challenges and fears with unwavering determination. They are not inclined to surrender, for they possess the strength and courage to surmount any obstacle that crosses their path. In doing so, they inspire their students to be resilient and tenacious, armed with the belief that adversity is an opportunity for growth.

Optimism as Their Guiding Light

Optimism is a guiding principle at Swan Valley Anglican Community School. They ardently believe in always looking on the bright side of life. Their unwavering positivity serves as a beacon, ensuring that no adversity can dampen their spirits. They are well aware that a positive mindset is the harbinger of good fortune, and they instill in their students the profound belief that when one maintains a positive outlook, the world is replete with opportunities for personal and collective growth.

Seizing Opportunities with Gratitude

At Swan Valley Anglican Community School, they have a keen appreciation for opportunities. They are adamant in making the most of every chance that comes their way. Guided by principles of positivity, gratitude, and resilience, they instill in their students the belief that each opportunity is a stepping stone toward personal and academic growth. With an unwavering commitment to doing their best, they empower their students to embrace life’s offerings with open arms.

A Culture of Safety and Well-being

The well-being of children and young people is of paramount importance at Swan Valley Anglican Community School. They hold an unwavering commitment to prioritizing their safety and welfare. This commitment extends to all members of their community, including staff, both paid and unpaid, School Council, practicum students, volunteers, visitors, and contractors. It is their shared responsibility to uphold these standards, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment where the growth and development of every student are nurtured with care and dedication.

In conclusion, Swan Valley Anglican Community School (SVACS) stands as a symbol of educational excellence and resilience. With a profound emphasis on courage, optimism, gratitude, and the safety and well-being of their students, they continually strive to empower each student to embrace challenges, remain positive in the face of adversity, seize every opportunity, and flourish within their dynamic and compassionate learning environment. At SVACS, they believe in shaping not only educated individuals but also resilient, empowered, and optimistic citizens of the future.


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