When a vehicle reaches the end of its life, is severely damaged, or simply isn’t roadworthy anymore, scrapping it can be a responsible and eco-friendly choice. In Western Australia, scrapping a vehicle involves a series of steps to ensure that the process is done legally, safely, and in an environmentally responsible manner. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of scrapping a vehicle in Western Australia.

  1. Preparation:

Before you begin the scrapping process, there are a few steps you should take to prepare your vehicle:

  • Remove Personal Belongings: Make sure to clear out all personal belongings from the vehicle, including documents, valuables, and any items stored in the glove compartment, trunk, or under the seats.
  • Cancel the Registration: Contact the Department of Transport in Western Australia to cancel the vehicle’s registration. You will need to provide proof of identity and complete the necessary forms. Canceling the registration is essential to avoid any future liabilities or fines associated with the vehicle.
  1. Find a Licensed Auto Wrecker:

To legally scrap your vehicle in Western Australia, you must use a licensed auto wrecker or scrap yard. Licensed wreckers follow environmental regulations and ensure that vehicles are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. You can find a list of licensed auto wreckers on the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) website.

  1. Contact the Auto Wrecker:

Once you’ve identified a licensed auto wrecker in your area, contact them to arrange the scrapping of your vehicle. They will guide you through the process and provide details on what to expect.

  1. Vehicle Inspection:

The licensed auto wrecker will typically arrange a time for an inspection of your vehicle. During the inspection, they will assess the vehicle’s condition and determine its scrap value. Be sure to provide accurate information about the vehicle’s condition, as this will affect the value.

  1. Receive an Offer:

After the inspection, the auto wrecker will provide you with an offer for your vehicle. This offer is usually based on factors such as the vehicle’s make, model, age, weight, and the current market value of scrap metal.

  1. Accept the Offer:

If you are satisfied with the offer, you can accept it. At this point, the auto wrecker will provide you with paperwork, including a notice of disposal. Be sure to read and understand the documents before signing them.

  1. Arrange for Towing:

In most cases, licensed auto wreckers offer free towing services for the vehicle. They will schedule a convenient time to pick up the vehicle from your location.

  1. Transfer Ownership:

It’s important to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the auto wrecker. This ensures that you are no longer liable for the vehicle and any associated costs or fines. The wrecker will handle the necessary paperwork for the transfer.

  1. Vehicle Processing:

Once the vehicle is at the wrecking yard, it will be processed. This involves draining fluids, removing and recycling valuable components, and preparing the vehicle for crushing.

  1. Environmentally Responsible Disposal:

Licensed auto wreckers in Western Australia are required to dispose of vehicles in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes recycling materials such as metal, plastics, and fluids, and properly disposing of hazardous waste.

  1. Receive Payment:

In most cases, you will receive payment for your scrapped vehicle once the transfer of ownership is complete and the vehicle is processed. The payment method may vary depending on the wrecker’s policies.

In conclusion, scrapping a vehicle in Western Australia involves several steps, from preparation and finding a licensed auto wrecker to the inspection, acceptance of an offer, and the environmentally responsible disposal of the vehicle. By following this process, you can ensure that your vehicle is legally and safely scrapped while contributing to responsible recycling and waste management practices in Western Australia.


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