The Vines Resort

The Vines Resort

Nestled within the picturesque Swan Valley of Perth, Western Australia, lies The Vines Resort, a haven of relaxation and indulgence amidst the region’s rich cultural and natural treasures. Located just a short 30-minute drive from the bustling heart of Perth, The Vines Resort offers a gateway to the Swan Valley, a time-honored viticultural haven and the oldest wine-growing region in Western Australia. This enchanting valley is a harmonious blend of history, diverse communities, artistry, world-class winemaking, delectable gourmet delights, and an abundance of fresh, locally-sourced produce. It’s a place where your senses come alive, where you can escape the ordinary, and immerse yourself in a tapestry of experiences.

Directions to the Resort:

For those seeking a path to their idyllic retreat, here are some straightforward directions:

From Perth City: Embark on your journey by taking Lord Street from the heart of the CBD, which gracefully transforms into Guildford Road. Follow Guildford Road and take a right at the Tonkin Highway on-ramp. Continue along the Tonkin Highway for approximately 15 minutes, and then take The Promenade exit. At the ensuing roundabout, proceed straight onto Drumpellier Drive, which eventually becomes Millhouse Road. Make a left onto Chateau Place, and diligently follow the signs leading you to The Vines Resort.

From Joondalup: Begin your excursion by heading south on Wanneroo Road. Take a left onto Ocean Reef Road, continue until its culmination, and then make a left onto West Swan Road. Travel along West Swan Road until you reach Millhouse Road. Here, you’ll once again encounter their guiding signs that will seamlessly lead you to The Vines Resort.

From Southern Suburbs: If you’re starting your journey from the southern suburbs, navigate your way to Great Eastern Highway, heading eastward towards Midland. Turn left at Johnson Street and, upon reaching the end, make a right onto Guildford Road. Subsequently, turn left onto Meadow Street, which seamlessly transforms into West Swan Road. Continue along West Swan Road, and then gracefully veer left onto Millhouse Road, where their welcoming signs will guide you to The Vines Resort.

Things to Do:

The Swan Valley, known for its rich bounty of delights, offers a plethora of activities and attractions to savor:

Award-Winning Wineries: Delve into a world of exquisite wines, courtesy of the Swan Valley’s renowned wineries. Many of these establishments, often family-owned and operated, offer more than just tastings. They boast inviting alfresco dining experiences and exceptional restaurant menus that pair perfectly with their wines. A visit to the Swan Valley is a quintessential day trip, and you can relish the delights of wine tasting year-round. Their knowledgeable reception team is more than happy to offer recommendations and provide you with a map to navigate the vineyards with ease.

Award-Winning Breweries: Beer enthusiasts are in for a treat with the Swan Valley’s flourishing breweries. Here, you’ll discover over 20 locally-crafted brews, including Belgian white beer and German red beer. The region is home to four microbreweries, known for their small batches and quick turnaround, ensuring a dynamic range of beer styles. Swan Valley’s breweries, with their ever-evolving selections, embrace innovation and tradition alike. Notably, their organic pilsner and old-fashioned porter have been acclaimed as the best in Australia. These top-quality brews are now readily available at numerous outlets in Perth and across the valley. Their dedicated brewers take pride in offering direct sales to the public and hand-crafted beers that utilize the finest ingredients and time-honored methods.

Fine Art & Accommodation: For those seeking a more cultural experience, the Swan Valley houses various artist studios, galleries, and exquisite accommodation options. Among these, you’ll find Western Australia’s largest private gallery, a testament to the region’s vibrant arts scene. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply looking for a cozy retreat, the Swan Valley has something to offer.

Swan Valley Activities: Beyond the culinary and artistic delights, the Swan Valley beckons with a host of activities for all ages. Imagine leisurely horseback rides along the riverbanks, nostalgic train and tram rides at Whiteman Park, a round of golf at The Vines Resort’s world-class golf course, or up-close encounters with adorable koalas at the Caversham Wildlife Park. Your visit to Swan Valley can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you desire.

In summary, The Vines Resort serves as your perfect gateway to the enchanting Swan Valley, where the essence of Western Australia’s cultural and natural treasures converge. Embrace the rich history, indulge in gourmet pleasures, explore the vibrant arts scene, and partake in an array of activities that awaken your senses and elevate your spirits. Your journey begins here, where The Vines Resort invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and boundless opportunities of Swan Valley.


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