The West Australian Reptile Park

The West Australian Reptile Park

The inception of The West Australian Reptile Park traces back to the visionary spirit of Gane Doyle Snr, whose lifelong fascination with reptiles and wildlife ignited during his formative years. His ardor for Australian native animals and reptiles persisted through his nine-year tenure in the army, during which he even collected reptile specimens for the Australian Museum during his service in Vietnam.

In November 1965, Gane’s dream took root when he acquired 4.5 hectares of pristine bushland in the scenic Swan Valley, envisioning the establishment of an animal sanctuary in the future. With unwavering determination, Gane, alongside his wife June and their children, Gane Jnr and Tammy, settled on the property in June 1970, laying the groundwork for their ambitious endeavor.

Over the ensuing years, the family extended assistance to the public in removing reptiles from homes and businesses, tending to injured and displaced animals, and facilitating their relocation to their natural habitats. The Park emerged as a pivotal advocate for wildlife conservation, actively engaging in community education initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of preserving biodiversity.

After years of perseverance, the family’s dedication bore fruit when they obtained permission to establish a Reptile Park in 1993, with the official public opening occurring in 2003. Gane, June, and Gane Jnr pooled their expertise to meticulously plan and develop the Park, transforming their vision into a reality. Their unwavering commitment to community education on wildlife conservation has been instrumental in shaping the Park into a beloved family attraction, drawing countless visitors over the years.

The Doyle family expresses profound gratitude to the myriad family members, friends, and devoted volunteers who have contributed to the Park’s development and operation over the years. As a self-funded venture, The West Australian Reptile Park relies solely on gate receipts for its financial sustenance, eschewing state or federal funding.

Today, The West Australian Reptile Park stands as a testament to the Doyle family’s passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation, offering visitors an immersive experience and fostering a deep appreciation for Australia’s rich biodiversity.


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