Whiteman Park Children’s Forest

Whiteman Park Children's Forest

Nestled within Whiteman Park, the Children’s Forest isn’t just a space; it’s a vibrant tapestry inviting youngsters of all ages to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, fostering a deep connection with Western Australia’s native bushland.

At this enchanting haven, children embark on a journey to grasp the significance and splendor of the region’s natural heritage. It’s more than just a place—it’s an evolving sanctuary where ‘their’ forest mirrors their growth and transformation, a living canvas they watch burgeon alongside their own development.

Step into this magical realm, where admission is free, and little explorers, accompanied by their entourage of friends and family, are encouraged to unleash their curiosity, revel in discoveries, and unlock the myriad wonders of the forest. From encountering colossal marching ants to catching glimpses of vibrant avian residents and inquisitive possums, the Children’s Forest teems with life. Amidst this natural theater, visitors encounter striking artworks—a life-sized wedge-tailed eagle’s nest crafted from steel and the forest’s guardians, the iconic Boy of the Bush and his sister Fern.

To enhance the adventure, an array of engaging activity sheets awaits, guiding visitors through an expedition across all eighteen stages of the Children’s Forest. These sheets unravel the mysteries of the forest’s flora, fauna, and indigenous bushland, ensuring an immersive and educational escapade for all.

The genesis of the Children’s Forest stems from the heartfelt aspiration of new parents associated with the Men of the Trees, envisioning a living legacy for their offspring. Families united to plant a forest that transcends individual ownership, fostering a shared haven for all children. Since its inception in 2001, this visionary project burgeoned with each passing year, enriched by the involvement of more children as dedicated members, witnessing the growth of new stages sprouting with native seedlings.

Today, boasting 18 stages of flourishing growth, this forest stands as a testament to unity and collective stewardship, with the final stage taking root in 2018. Every visit to this evolving bushland offers a glimpse into its ever-changing tapestry, showcasing nature’s relentless ebb and flow.

A note of caution: The Children’s Forest prioritizes safety, closing on days marked by Total Fire Bans, shire Movement bans, or Catastrophic Fire Danger Ratings for the Swan sub-area of the Swan Inland North fire district—a precaution communicated through their social media platforms.


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