Whiteman Park Dog Park

Whiteman Park Dog Park

Welcome to the Whiteman Park Dog Park, where tails wag and paws play freely in a sprawling 2.5-hectare haven designed to enhance the joy of your furry companions during your Whiteman Park adventures!

While leashes are a must for their canine friends throughout Whiteman Park, their dedicated Dog Park offers a leash-free oasis where dogs can stretch their legs and bask in their boundless energy.

Nestled within the scenic Mussel Pool East precinct, conveniently located at car park 23, this fenced-off paradise boasts an array of amenities tailored for both canine comfort and owner convenience. As you enter through their double-gated portals, designed to ensure the secure leashing and unleashing of your dog, you’ll find yourself immersed in a vibrant world of canine delight.

The Dog Park’s features are tailored with your pet’s happiness in mind. An enticing obstacle course, meticulously crafted in colors that captivate canine vision, awaits your furry friends, promising hours of playful exploration. Amidst lush shades, multiple water stations provide refreshing hydration, ensuring your pet’s comfort throughout their frolicsome adventures. Meandering pathways spanning over 500 meters invite leisurely strolls, allowing both you and your furry companion to savor the serenity of this canine utopia.

For their petite pooches weighing under 10kg, a specially designated enclosure awaits, ensuring their safety and enjoyment in a space tailored just for them.

Open daily from 8.30am to 6.00pm, this realm of doggie freedom welcomes all with open arms, free of charge. However, contributions towards the upkeep of this cherished facility, as well as support for the noble endeavors of RSPCA WA, are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Before stepping into this canine wonderland, we kindly urge you to familiarize yourself with our Rules for Use and Dog Park Etiquette, ensuring a harmonious experience for all visitors and their furry companions. You can easily acquaint yourself with the facility by downloading their comprehensive Dog Park brochure.

At Whiteman Park, responsible pet ownership extends beyond playtime. They greatly value your cooperation in maintaining a clean and pleasant environment for all park users. Complimentary biodegradable ‘Pooch Pouches’ are readily available at the Visitor Information Centre in the Village and at the Dog Park, ensuring convenient waste disposal during your visit.

Please be mindful that, for the upkeep of their beloved Dog Park, closures occur every second Thursday (odd weeks of the year, such as week 41) for routine maintenance activities like lawn mowing.

Join them in fostering a community of responsible pet ownership and boundless canine joy at the Whiteman Park Dog Park, where every wag of the tail is a testament to the joy of companionship and play.


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