Whiteman Park Pool Playground

Whiteman Park Pool Playground

The Whiteman Park Pool Playground stands as an idyllic oasis, specially designed to offer a refreshing respite for the little ones on scorching summer days!

Nestled within this haven is a delightful 30cm-deep wading pool adorned with playful waterspouts, promising endless entertainment for kids of various ages during your visit to Whiteman Park.

Operating throughout the warmer months, from 10.00am to 5.00pm daily, this aquatic paradise is a haven for youthful frolic. Shaded areas enveloping the pool provide a comfortable vantage point for parents, guardians, and grandparents to supervise and revel in the children’s enjoyment. Conveniently situated opposite the Village Cafe, the Mini Pool Playground boasts easy access to nearby public toilet facilities.

A sought-after attraction, particularly on balmy days and for festive kids’ birthday celebrations, the adjacent picnic shelters—F, J1, Shade Shelter WP, and PP—offer excellent options for hosting gatherings. Given their popularity, advance bookings are advisable, noting that celebrations and gatherings aren’t permitted within the pool area itself.

Typically operational from the October school holidays until the conclusion of the April school holidays, this delightful haven is subject to weather conditions and permits. However, it’s worth noting that operational notices and pertinent guidelines, including pool-use restrictions, are prominently displayed at the entrance for visitors’ convenience and safety.

Adherence to guidelines, such as mandatory supervision of children, a prohibition on glassware within the pool precinct, and the requirement of appropriate swimming attire or swim nappies for young ones, ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Moreover, while the Mini Pool Playground is a highlight for visitors, occasional closures for operational reasons, announced in advance, maintain its quality standards and operational efficiency. Do note that the pool closes at 4.00pm on Christmas Day, aligning with park operational hours.


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