Willow Brook Lifestyle Village

Willow Brook Lifestyle Village

Situated within the peaceful and lush environs of Aveley, just a stone’s throw away from the breathtaking Swan Valley and a mere 30 minutes to the north of the bustling city, Willow Brook Lifestyle Village presents an exceptional and sought-after way of life that is nothing short of enviable.

Here, you have the privilege of selecting from a range of contemporary and secure 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom residences, thoughtfully appointed with the latest high-quality amenities to ensure that you live in absolute comfort and style.

Within this inclusive and friendly community, a profound sense of belonging is prevalent. Willow Brook emerges as a place where neighbors seamlessly transition into cherished friends, and where everyone watches out for one another, creating a genuine sense of community.

So, the question that beckons is, how will you choose to spend your days in this serene haven? The choices are as boundless as your imagination. Revel in the many top-notch amenities offered by your very own Clubhouse, or embark on a journey to explore the myriad treasures of the neighboring Swan Valley, just a short drive or bus ride away. With the convenience of Aveley Town Centre right next door, you’ll always have essential services and local conveniences at your fingertips.

If you’re considering downsizing to a simpler lifestyle that doesn’t require sacrificing proximity to necessary amenities, Willow Brook is the ideal destination to make this transition. Moreover, with all the maintenance taken care of for you, you’ll find even more opportunities to unwind and extract the utmost from life within this secure and tranquil community.

At the heart of Willow Brook lies the magnificent Clubhouse, a hub of first-class facilities that offers endless prospects for relaxation and connection with your fellow residents. Making Willow Brook your home grants you access to these exceptional amenities throughout the week, even after regular hours.

A selection of modern two and three-bedroom homes is presently available for sale. Crafted with utmost precision and built to the highest standards by Dale Alcock, these homes are meticulously designed to align perfectly with your new life at Willow Brook. Once you’ve settled in, it’s your time to unwind and relish a lifestyle that is genuinely second to none.

They take immense pride in their commitment to building quality communities. Their homes exemplify the pinnacle of contemporary design and the ease of modern living, while their communal facilities cater to a diverse range of recreational interests. The vibrant community spirit serves as the very essence of their Village, and they persistently strive to meet the unique needs of their residents. They perceive their Village as a community within a larger community, and therefore, they maintain robust external connections to encourage the daily interactions of their residents.

Their management team is a group of affable professionals, firmly dedicated to assisting residents in leading a comfortable and fulfilling life. In every facet of their operation, they toil diligently to ensure that the Village’s management surpasses industry standards and meets the high expectations of their cherished residents.

Willow Brook Lifestyle Village is under the ownership and management of a private Western Australian company, boasting a rich history of creating boutique residential and commercial developments across the picturesque landscape of Western Australia.

The lifestyle village is administered with dedication and commitment by Colin Castensen, the Managing Director, and Laura Castensen, the Village Manager. Together, they share an unwavering commitment to nurturing a thriving and beautiful community where residents can truly savor every moment of life.


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