YMCA Brabham Early Learning Centre

YMCA Brabham Early Learning Centre

YMCA Brabham Early Learning Centre prides itself on tailoring programs to suit the unique interests and developmental needs of each child, fostering their individual learning journeys. Central to their approach is their acclaimed nature escape outdoor environment, which serves as a cornerstone for centering programs on the enriching experiences of nature play.

Their team comprises passionate, dedicated, and highly qualified early childhood educators committed to providing exceptional care and education. Moreover, they are committed to affordability, offering extremely competitive fees to ensure accessibility for all families. Catering to children from birth to 5 years old, they prioritize serving nutritious home-style meals and offer flexible hours to accommodate diverse schedules. Additionally, they provide access to a child health nurse and proudly align with Remida, a creative reuse center supplying recyclable materials for children to engage in creative exploration and learn about sustainability.

The ethos of YMCA Brabham Early Learning Centre is deeply rooted in the YMCA’s rich history and enduring principles. Originating on June 6, 1844, amid the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution, the YMCA was founded in London with a fundamental belief in the transformative power of mutual support to uplift the community in body, mind, and spirit. While its early focus was on the welfare of young men, the contemporary YMCA embraces inclusivity while upholding this foundational belief.

Since its establishment in Australia in 1851 and Western Australia in 1908, the YMCA has been instrumental in fostering opportunities for children and young people to thrive holistically. Guided by Christian values and operational principles of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring, YMCA WA offers a diverse array of services tailored to local community needs.

Their commitment revolves around three core pillars:

  • Early Education: They invest in supporting children’s transition into preschool, laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Youth Participation: They empower young people as they transition into adulthood and assume roles of community leadership.
  • Health and Wellness: They promote healthy living and physical activity, nurturing positive transitions toward holistic wellbeing.

By focusing on these critical areas, YMCA WA endeavors to facilitate optimal wellbeing among children and young people, equipping them to lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions to their families, communities, and beyond.

They firmly believe that by providing opportunities for growth in body, mind, and spirit, young people embody hope and potential, paving the way for a future filled with promise and possibility.


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