MercyCare Early Learning Centre Ellenbrook

MercyCare Early Learning Centre Ellenbrook

At MercyCare Early Learning Centre Ellenbrook, they stand proudly as an integral part of the vibrant community they serve. Their ethos revolves around fostering close-knit relationships between their dedicated staff and the families they work alongside, united in their commitment to providing each child with personalized care and abundant learning opportunities to flourish.

Their state-of-the-art Ellenbrook child care centre boasts seven meticulously designed rooms, each conceived with the child’s growth and development in mind. These rooms serve as bright and engaging learning spaces where children can embark on their educational journey. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood these rooms with the gentle embrace of natural light, seamlessly connecting the indoor spaces to their expansive, nature-inspired playground. Here, children are encouraged to let their imaginations roam free and engage in independent play, enhancing their creativity and self-confidence.

A cornerstone of their commitment to exceptional childcare is their consistent team of dedicated educators. This steadfast team plays a pivotal role in creating a warm and secure environment, especially crucial for children who are new to early learning centres. Their educators, all highly qualified and seasoned in their field, create a flexible, responsive, and immersive learning environment that caters to the unique needs of each child.

At MercyCare Ellenbrook Early Learning Centre, they believe that learning should be child-led, inspired by their interests, and deeply rooted in the community they belong to. They celebrate cultural events and build lessons around the individual interests of each child, fostering a sense of belonging and a love for learning. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is embedded in their curriculum through their environmental sustainability program, nurturing in children a deep appreciation for their planet.

Features and Highlights:

  • Familiar Faces: They recognize the significance of familiar faces in a child’s life. Many of their dedicated staff have been with them since the inception of MercyCare Ellenbrook Early Learning, providing a sense of stability and belonging for the children in their care.
  • Comprehensive Age Range: Their centre welcomes children from birth to 6 years, encompassing babies, toddlers, and kindergartners. Kindergarten-aged children benefit from their School Readiness Program, which prepares them for their next educational milestone.
  • Real-Time Communication: They believe in transparent and effective communication with families. Their real-time communication ensures that parents and caregivers are always in the loop about their child’s experiences and progress.
  • Nutritious Dining: Their daily menu is thoughtfully crafted, emphasizing nutritious meals prepared in line with Feed Australia guidelines. They work closely with families to accommodate special dietary requirements, routines, care needs, and any additional requirements.
  • MercyCare MiniChef: They introduce children to the joys of cooking through their MercyCare MiniChef program, promoting culinary exploration and a love for good food.
  • Eco Warriors: Their Eco Warriors program instills a sense of responsibility and care for the environment in their young learners, fostering eco-consciousness from an early age.
  • Exciting Events: Children at their centre enjoy a variety of enriching experiences, including incursions and special events that add depth and excitement to their learning journey.
  • Flexible Childcare: They offer flexible childcare options, including penalty-free casual care and discounted public holiday sessions. Their money-saving 10-hour sessions and half-day options provide flexibility and affordability for families.

In conclusion, MercyCare Early Learning Centre Ellenbrook is not merely a childcare facility but a nurturing community where children are cherished, and their growth is celebrated. They invite families to embark on this remarkable educational journey with them, where connections are formed, curiosity is sparked, and every child is supported in realizing their full potential.


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