PathWest Ellenbrook

PathWest Ellenbrook

PathWest, an indispensable institution in Western Australia, is steadfast in its mission to enhance the health and justice systems in the state. With unwavering dedication, PathWest delivers unique, indispensable, and top-tier pathology and forensic services that are vital for the well-being of the community.

Behind this remarkable endeavor stands a team of over 2,300 dedicated and highly skilled individuals who form the backbone of PathWest’s operations. Their collective expertise and commitment enable PathWest to be exceptionally responsive to the needs of their diverse communities and customers. These include clinicians, the Western Australia Police Force (WAPF), the State Coroner, the Western Australian justice system, commercial clients, and, most importantly, their valued patients.

Annually, PathWest conducts more than 19 million tests, a testament to their dedication to providing a comprehensive range of diagnostic services, from routine screenings to highly specialized tests.

Pathology services play a pivotal role in the lives of individuals at every stage. It begins early, with some individuals undergoing their first tests while still in the womb, or through the Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program within days of birth. This connection continues throughout a person’s lifetime, sometimes even beyond, as their forensic team tirelessly seeks answers for grieving families following the unexpected loss of a loved one.

PathWest’s reach extends throughout Western Australia, with a network of 9 metropolitan laboratories, 18 regional laboratories, 24 metropolitan collection points, 51 regional collection points, 1 forensic biology laboratory, and 1 media manufacturing facility. As the sole public pathology provider for the state, PathWest ensures that its services span both metropolitan and regional Western Australia, covering vast territories from the northern reaches of Kununurra to the southern expanse of Esperance, with all areas in between.

PathWest further shoulders the responsibility for several critical statewide services, including the State Mortuary, Statewide Perinatal Pathology Service, and the Statewide Newborn Bloodspot Screening Service. This means that, regardless of where you may find yourself in Western Australia, you can always count on the accessibility and availability of PathWest services.

In essence, PathWest Ellenbrook stands as a beacon of health and justice services, enriching the lives of individuals and the broader community through its unwavering commitment to excellence and its tireless pursuit of improved well-being for all.


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